Welcome to cl1p.net v4 Project!

I am excited to announce that I am are working on a new version of cl1p.net, which will be completely open source. I believe in building software that is accessible to everyone and encourages community collaboration. I invite all developers and contributors from around the world to join me in this endeavor.

You can contribute to our GitHub repository or follow updates on Twitter:

June 23, 2024

Node Prototype

Created another basic cl1p site using node.js.


  1. Javascript. It just feels like Javascript is the future.
  2. Lightweight, many mature libraries


  1. I miss the built-in admin of django
  2. Not type safe

June 9, 2024

Python / Django prototype is complete. It can create / view cl1p URLS.


  1. Framework really tries to help, and I like the server based rendering
  2. Feels very solid.


  1. Python (It's just not my cup of tea)
  2. Strange folder layout
  3. penv is really weird, and just feels wrong

May 11, 2024

Now that I know Django can handle the project. (I don’t see any blockers) I’m going to write a very basic version of cl1p.

One problem I had in Version 3, 2 and 1 was naming. Naming is one of the hardest things to get right. The first thing I’m going to do is add a txt file where I list names and what they mean. The hope is if I keep them all in the same place I should made some better decisions. (I’ll call it vocabulary)

I need a key for each allowed path on the site. I want to just use the word Path, but I know that will cause conflicts with the python language and frameworks I will end up using. It may be ugly, but a simple prefix to all models might be the way to go.

I’m going with RM my initials.

RMPathKey: Contains a path and a unique db ID

RMPathContent: The text content of the page

April 23, 2024 Cl1p.net v4 platform choice

What is the best platform for building an app keeping in mind.

cl1p.net v3 is written in java spring. So I’m able to leverage my professional java experience. But it can also just feel really heavy. So first I want to check out other platforms.

Up first. Python/Django

There is a lot I like about Django. It’s everything in one. Front End, Back End, ORM, and admin!

Going to try to write a simple Django app to read and write to a db for a cl1p url.